2010 Fabrizio Plessi


Stift Ossiach (Ossiach Abbey), situated directly on Lake Ossiach, is one of the most beautiful places of Carinthia. The former Benedictine monastery was founded in the 11th century. Within its changeful history the monastery had been reconstructed for several times and in the 18th century it had been converted to Baroque style. In 1968 Friedrich Gulda initiated the 1st International Music Forum of Lake Ossiach / 1.Internationale Musikforum Ossiachersee. Stift Ossiach has become famous by the Carinthian Summer Music Festival Carinthischer Sommer. Since its foundation in 1969 every year in July and August the internationally renowned music festival organizes concerts in the rooms of the abbey and the church. Since 2009, Stift Ossiach, after a comprehensive renovation by the Carinthian Provincial Government, also accomodates the Carinthische Musikakademie GmbH (Carinthian Music Academy) (CMA) and is equipped with a technically and acoustically high-quality concert hall, the Alban Berg Hall constructed by the architect Markus Figl. By linking historic locations with contemporary architecture the CMA offers since 2009 a unique ambience with the best infrastructure for seminars, symposia and concerts and extends the already existing emphasis on music in Ossiach to a program throughout the year. The legendary Steinhaus (Stone House) by the Austrian architect Günther Domenig is situated in immediate proximity to the Stift, where also this year within the Carinthian Summer Music Festival two concerts are held.

Fine Arts at Stift Ossiach

Since 2008, also fine arts are represented in the pompous rooms. Within the successful collaborative exhibitions K08 Art from Carinthia from 1945 to the Present, curated by Silvie Aigner, apart from many other exhibition locations, in Ossiach the attractive contrast of a baroque atmosphere and modern art has been made available to a broad public. The rooms of the Abbey building, as the Carinthian Sound Room (Kärntner Klangraum) or the Music Room (Musikzimmer), especially invite to create installations with the specific local realities which had been developed within the exhibition of 2008 among others by Thomas Hoke and Cornelius Kolig. Therewith the basis for a sustainable symbiosis between architecture, music and art has been laid in this place and has established additional choices for the visitors of the abbey and the manifold concert program for the next years. This consented considerations regarding the linking of the coordinates space and sound and became objective for further activities of the two curators within fine arts. In 2009 it led to the symposium space.sound.abbey.ossiach as well as to the exhibition well done of the painter Anton Köchl who lives Carinthia. The symposium linked by discussion, dance theatre and concert the focus space and sound via moments of visual and performative.

Art at construction sites

In 2008 Melitta Moschik won the international Art at Construction Sites-Competition with her installation Soundspace, realized in 2009. In the green area round the Abbey, the synthesis of space and acustic moments to be experienced in the Abbey building is pursued by the sound installation and an audio visual space of sound, light and colour is created. Seven metal pillars with intergrated LED display emphasize the outdoor space acoustically. Spread on various positions within the Abbey they highlight the rambling area of the Abbey and guide the visitors to different sound environments.


The Gallery Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Vienna together with the curators Silvie Aigner and Ulli Sturm present the exhibition FABRIZIO PLESSI SOGNO I DREAM. The exhibition is part of the K08 sustainibility projects on behalf of the Office of the Carinthian Provincial Government/subsection Culture and is supported by the Embassy of Italy in Vienna.

With this year’s exhibition fine arts point the way at Stift Ossiach and for the first time an internationally acting artist from Italy is presented. Fabrizio Plessi had been introduced in Carinthia for the first time by the Gallery Judith Walker and some years ago he was invited to prepare an exhibition for Carinthia. Now the pompous rooms of Stift Ossiach provide the appropriate setting for it. Above all the possibility to create in Ossiach space-related installations provided an opportunity for the artist to develop new works and to adapt significant work groups in a space-related topic for Stift Ossiach. The large-scale sculptures of the exhibition Fabrizio Plessi Sogno / Dream give again priority to the symbiosis of architecture, fine arts and music at this impressive location. The exhibition opens together with the Carinthian Summer Music Festival Carinthischer Sommer on July 8 and runs until September 5 at the Stift Ossiach.


The exhibition presents in a spacial mise-en-scene at two levels works from important work groups of Fabrizio Plessi as well as new sculptures created especially for Stift Ossiach.


“Traum“ (2004) – The sculpture links a blue luminescent electronic
writing with a monolithic block of marble. The associations of the spectator are directed by the lightness of the word „dream“ from the heaviness of the sculpture to another level.


“Llaüts“ (2010) – the mallorquin boats were especially designed for Stift Ossiach and symbolize memory and past of the island Mallorca. The boats have been prepared in large-size drawings, giving an insight into the steps of procedure of the artist. They are presented in tables made of Corten steel. “Water Circles“ (1982) – at the centre of the wheels water rotates always in opposite direction 360° on the round monitor.


„Movimenti Catodici Barocchi“ (1996/2002) – The confessionals are mounted head first and rotate around their own axis. Due to the
larger than life-sized form and the mise-en-scene converted to Baroque, the installation reminds of a melancholic „danse macabre“ (Gérard A. Woodrow), further enhanced by the sound of the electronic fireplaces.


Exhibition opening

on July 8, 2010 at 5:00 pm
Duration:  from July 9 until September 5, 2010
Address: Stift Ossiach 1 / 9570 Ossiach, Kärnten

Preview and Artists’ Party

July 7, 2010 at 7:00 pm

Tonc Feinig in concert

Opening hours

10:00 am until 6:00 pm, and until 8:00 pm when events are held in the Abbey or by prior telephone appointment Tel.+ 43 (0) 4243 45594-0

Guided tour of the exhibition and the Abbey by the curators
July 18 and August 8, 2010 at 11:00 am (after the Sunday masses /Stiftskirche Ossiach) August 27, 2010 at 6:00 pm


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born in 1940 in Reggio Emilia, is one of Italy’s most internationally well-known artists. Since the 1970’s, he has been linking video technology with large-scale sculptures and combining Arte Povera materials such as clay, metal and textiles with the possibilities presented by modern contemporary techniques. In the installation, the artist creates poetic and sensual experience spaces with the topoi of water and fire where he addresses mythological topics and the limitless power of the elements. With his impressive installation, Fabrizio Plessi has shaped the development of contemporary sculpture and with his unmistakeable widely recognized work has entered new territory. From 1990 until 2000 he taught at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne (Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln). Since 1970 Fabrizio Plessi has repeatedly participated in the Venice Biennale, finally in 2005 and was present at the documenta 8. Fabrizio Plessi lives and works in Venice and Mallorca.

SOLO EXHIBITIONS (selection until 2000)

2010 Galerie Contini di Venezia, Venedig, „La Maddalena“
2010 Louis Vuitton Trophy, La Maddalena Islands, Sardinien, „La Maddalena“
2010 Goldoni Theater, Venedig, Digitale Szenographie, „Vestire gli ignudi“ von Luigi
2006/07 H2- Zentrum für Gegenwartskunst, Augsburg, „Lava“
2006/07 Wilhelm Hack-Museum, Ludwigshafen, „Digital Islands“
2005 MAM Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Wien, “Digital Stones”
2004 Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin, „Traumwelt“
2003 Loggia dei Mercanti, Milano, „Prometeo“
Collezione Peggy Guggenheim, Venedig, „Digital Fall“
IDB Cultural Center Gallery, Washington
Parlamento Europeo, Strasbourg
Swarovski Kristallwelten, Wattens, „Foresta Sospesa“
Museo Villa Croce, Genova, „Foresta di Fuoco“
2002 Scuderie del Quirinale, Rom, „Paradiso-Inferno“
Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego
Installationen für Calvin Klein, Dallas, New York, Paris
Art Toronto, Toronto, „Foresta di Fuoco“
Sharjah Museum, Sharja, „Gold“,
2001 Sammlung Essl, Klosterneuburg
Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao
Museo Correr, Installation Piazza di San Marco, Venedig, „Water Fire“
2000 L’Almodi Museum, Valencia, „Anima della Materia“

GROUP EXHIBITIONS (selection of the last years)

2009 Ca D'Oro Contemporary Art, Venice, „L'anima dell' Acqua“ mit Bill Viola
und Instituo Veneto di Scienze lettere ed Arti, „L´anima della pietra“
(53. Biennale di Venezia)
Palazzo Fortuny, Venedig, „Infinitum“
2008 Kunstverein Villa Streccius, Landau, „Pures Wasser“
Artiscope, Brüssel, „L'Usage de la Parole Phase II“
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